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Chi-mei Museum

The Chi-Mei Museum in Tainan, Taiwan is the private museum of the Chi-Mei Industrial Corporation. The collection is divided into five categories: Western Art ; Musical Instruments; Natural History; Arms and Armor; Antiquities and Artifacts.


Hsu Wen-Lung
In 1977, he set up the Chi-Mei Museum, because he wants to complete his dream in child time. He is famous for the collection of antique violin- Stradivarius, Guarneri, Gesu and Nicolo Amati. He is not only good at managing the company but also at playing violin. He had public performance many times. Because he loves music so much and wants to improve the level of classical music in Taiwan, he founded the Chi-Mei Cultural Foundation and provides the scholarship for growing artists.

About Chi-Mei Museum

Location: Tainan State Taiwan
Adderss: No. 59-1, San Chia Tsun, Jen Te Hisang, Tainan County
Established in 1990, the museum is open to the public and has several exhibition areas, including art, natural history, historic weapons, musical instruments, ancient objects, sculptures and industrial techniques. The museum has a collection of European paintings in the 18th and 19th century, presenting the development of western art. The historic weapon exhibition presents weapons from prehistoric time, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age to modern times. The two canons in front of the museum were designed and built in 1689. They were taken away by foreigners in the 19th century until Chi Mei Culture Foundation purchased them in 1994. The museum also collects valuable violins, including 5 Antonio Stradivaris, 2 Guarneri del Gesu, Nicolo Amati, Jacob Stainer, Amati, Rogeri, Joseph Guarneri Filius Andrea, Seraphin, Gagliano and Guadagnini. Besides, the Chi-Mei Museum also owns private symphony orchestra named Chimei Philharmonic Orchestra founded in 2003 museum. The Chi-Mei Museum also loans the antiques instruments to distinguished musician with free of charge, such as Yo-yo Ma. It is a strong commitment of this Foundation that good instruments be played by good players and the good music thus produced be shared by all mankind "-Mr. Wen-long Shi, President, Chi-Mei Culture Foundation.

The Chi Mei Culture Foundation was established over 20 years ago, and the wealth of the collection encompasses different eras and geographical areas. At present, experts recognize the Chi-Mei Museum as one of the most prestigious private collections in the world. Forbes magazine, in its February 1996 article on private collectors in Asia, called Chi-Mei Museum "one of the world's most surprising art collections." The museum is open to the public, free of charge.

Art Works

The Madonna of Hummility

Faties Venire a moi les enfants

Saint Martin et le Mendicant- Lucas Cranach Le Jeune

Chatiry- Jacques Blanchard-El Greco

The Last Tears-Narciss-Virgile Diaz de Pena

La Charite-Unknown


Reproductions from Museum

Chi-Mei Museum has offered reproductions such as canvas posters, simulating sculptures made from bonded marble powder, stationery items and many classic CD recordings performed by top Taiwanese musicians on the rare instruments from the Chi-Mei Collection since 1997,. Chi-Mei Museum has also published the hardcover book "Chi-Mei Collection of Fine Violins" featuring 15 world famous string instruments made by the Italian violin makers of the 17th century. Through the Shining Collection in New York, one can inquire about and purchase these reproductions.

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